Hey, I'm Arnelle!

Arnelle Balane

I'm a Web Developer from Cebu, Philippines.

I love experimenting with and sharing about cool new Web technologies and techniques.

I am @arnellebalane on

About Me

I'm currently a Software Developer at Newlogic . Previously, I was the Lead Frontend Developer at Channelfix . I also used to teach a Web Engineering class at the University of the Philippines Cebu as a part-time lecturer.

On weekends, I'm a co-organizer for Google Developers Group Cebu , a small team that sets up tech events around the Visayas region. You'll often find me giving talks and workshops at those and other community events.

Talks & Workshops

I give talks and conduct workshops for community events, usually about Web Platform APIs, Progressive Web Apps, and Firebase.

Here's a list of my upcoming talks and workshops:

  1. GDG DevFest Cebu 2019

    Talk: Leveling up creativity on the Web with CSS Houdini

  2. Devfest & Bizfest Georgetown 2019

    Talk: Project Fugu - Unlocking new capabilities for the Web

The events page contains a list of my previous talks and workshops.

Get In Touch

Feel free to send me an email or reach me through social media and let's make the Web more awesome!

Have a great day!