Arnelle Balane

Arnelle Balane

  1. The Picture-in-Picture API

    The Picture-in-Picture API (PiP) allows Web pages to play a video in a little window that stays on top of other windows.

  2. The Intersection Observer API

    The Intersection Observer API allows for observing changes to how much of a target element’s area intersects with that of an ancestor element or the viewport.

  3. Building the frontend for the Endpoints project

    This article describes our experience of building the frontend for a project we worked on.

  4. Setting up multiple GitLab accounts

    This tutorial explains how to setup multiple GitLab accounts on the same machine.

  5. Sending data across different browser tabs

    This article describes three different ways to send data across browser tabs using different Web Platform APIs.

  6. Introduction to RequireJS

    This article gives an introduction to RequireJS, a popular AMD module loader for the Web.

  7. Updating my website to use JavaScript Modules

    JavaScript Modules has landed in Chrome 61, and this article describes how I started using it on my website.

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