Arnelle Balane

Arnelle Balane

  1. Async Clipboard API: Accessing the clipboard using JavaScript

    This article shows how to use the Async Clipboard API to access the system clipboard very easily.

  2. Playing the T-Rex Runner game inside a Picture-in-Picture window

    This article describes an experiment that I did with running Chrome's T-Rex Runner game inside a PiP window.

  3. Setting up multiple GitHub accounts, the nicer way

    This is an updated setup for multiple GitHub accounts on the same machine.

  4. Negative indexes in JavaScript arrays using Proxies

    This article shows how we can utilize Proxies in order to use negative indexes in JavaScript arrays.

  5. Building a site navigation menu using React Hooks

    This article describes how I used React Hooks to make a stateful navigation menu.

  6. Using lazysizes to lazyload images on the Web

    Lazysizes is a JavaScript library for lazy-loading images on the Web. This article demonstrates how to use it.

  7. Using the Ambient Light Sensor API to add brightness-sensitive dark mode to my website

    This article describes how I added dark mode to my website, which automatically toggles based on the brightness of the surroundings.

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